Innovative Solutions

Intelligent Temperature Measuring Kiosk

  • Thermal imaging temperature monitoring
  • Non-contact efficient management
  • Prevent and control the epidemic with precision

1. Deck Top Intelligent Thermometer

2. Display Interface

3. Pedestal Intelligent Thermometer

Product Function-Face recognition and temperature monitoring. 

Usage scenario – Main entrance and exit

The intelligent temperature measuring machine can be installed in the main entrances of crowded places such as enterprises, schools, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, government halls, etc., to monitor the temperature of employees, customers, and visitors in real time, effectively  helping to prevent epidemics.

Functional features

It is based on infrared thermal imaging technology, using imported infrared sensor and 2-megapixel binocular live wide dynamic camera, face recognition within a distance of 0.2m-0.8m while collecting body temperature. It works even if you wear a mask on your face, better prevent cross-infection.

Epidemic prevention and control – Fever alert

Product prevention set a high temperature warning threshold, when a person’s temperature is detected to exceed the warning threshold, immediately start the voice alarm mechanism, indicating the risk of infection, effectively protect the health of personnel, and effectively prevent and control the epidemic.

Management platform – Data query

The product supports the data network upload function, which can form the temperature detection data into a table, and capture the portrait reaI-time upload background and push the SMS to the designated management personnel for tracking inquiry.

Product Features

Function expansion

The intelligent temperature measuring machine can be connected to the access control system to realize the function of facial recognition and temperature measurement and opening the door. The pre-recorded portrait is identified by comparison and the body temperature is detected normally. The access control or road gate can be automatically opened to increase the epidemic prevention coefficient and improve security.